Geotechnical surveys reveal underground secrets

July 28th, 2023

Category: News

Marinus Link has completed another milestone in its environmental approvals process – geotechnical surveys from Mardan to Waratah Bay beach.

The work involved taking earth samples along the cable alignment to understand thermal properties and soil structure, including where rocks may be located.

Project Manager Simon Bresnehan, who coordinated the work, says the surveys are key to understanding construction requirements.

“The primary reason for doing this geotechnical work is to understand thermal resistivity, or how much heat the earth absorbs, which will directly affect our construction methods,” Simon said.        

“The thermal properties are important because they may affect the operating temperature of the cable and how efficient it is at transporting electricity.”

The earth samples will be analysed and play an important part in the development of the cable design. 

“It was a huge team effort to get this over the line, a true collaboration between our Cable, Land, Safety, Project Delivery and Engagement teams.”

Further geotechnical surveys will be conducted along the alignment between Driffield and Hazelwood.

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