Environmental assessments

Marinus Link is a complex project, crossing national, state and local jurisdictions. This page provides information about the environmental assessment process for Marinus Link.

The project needs to obtain environment, planning and heritage approvals under Commonwealth, Victorian and Tasmanian legislation.

Where possible, Marinus Link and the relevant regulatory authorities have aligned the assessment process across all three jurisdictions.

There will be a six (6) week period in early to mid 2024 where the project’s environmental assessment documents will be on public exhibition. During this time, members of the public are invited to read and make submissions on the documents.

Details about the public exhibition period will be added as it becomes available.

Documents for assessment

The documents we are submitting for assessment:

  • One combined Environmental Impact Statement / Environment Effects Statement (EIS/EES) for Commonwealth and Victorian jurisdictions
  • One EIS and Development Application for the converter station in Tasmania
  • One EIS for the shore crossing in Tasmania
  • One Planning Scheme Amendment (PSA) in Victoria

Environmental Impact Statement / Environment Effects Statement – Commonwealth & Victorian jurisdictions

  • The EIS/EES was combined to simplify the assessment process.
  • The EIS/EES Consultation Plan can be found here.
  • It will identify potential impacts and inform the design and construction of the project.
  • It will give decision makers (such as ministers and statutory authorities) the information they need to determine whether approvals should be granted and what conditions should apply.
  • We have carried out environmental assessments to inform the EIS/EES. See the graphic below for more information:

Planning Scheme Amendment – Victoria

  • A draft Planning Scheme Amendment (PSA), under the Planning and Environment Act 1987, is required for the project.
  • The PSA will apply specific controls for the development and use of Marinus Link in Victoria.
  • The draft PSA will be exhibited with the EIS/EES for public comment.

Environmental Impact Statement – Tasmania

  • We need to prepare two Environmental Impact Statements (EISs) and a Development Application (DA) for Tasmania. These include:
  • An EIS and DA for the converter station in Heybridge, North West Tasmania, and;
  • An EIS for the shore crossing, up to three nautical miles, in Heybridge, North West Tasmania.
  • We have carried out environmental assessments to inform the EISs and DA. See the graphic below for more information:

Environmental assessments timeline

Route maps

The proposed route for Marinus Link is between Heybridge, Tasmania and Hazelwood, Victoria.

Detailed route – Gippsland

The Link will include 90km of underground cable from Waratah Bay to Latrobe Valley and a converter station in Hazelwood, linking Marinus Link cables to the existing transmission network.  

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