Marinus Link launches remote controlled undersea vessel to survey Waratah Bay seabed

October 5th, 2023

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For the first time, Marinus Link has launched an Uncrewed Surface Vessel (USV) to undertake non-invasive geophysical surveys within Waratah Bay.

Launched today, the remotely-operated vessel will survey seabed conditions in Waratah Bay, required for the proposed underground and undersea electricity and data cable between Tasmania and Victoria.

Marinus Link Project Manager Simon Bresnehan said the non-invasive survey data will help Marinus Link understand local conditions and plan for the installation of the undersea cable.

“The USV is about the size of a small motor vehicle and is fitted with survey equipment for seabed surface mapping and data gathering,” he said

“To ensure migratory mammals are not disturbed, the USV is also fitted with surveillance equipment, with a support vessel alongside, guiding the USV at all times. 

The survey is expected to take several days, weather and tidal conditions permitting. 

“Throughout our survey activities, people can continue to carry out their normal activities in or on the water in Waratah Bay,” Mr Bresnehan said. 

“We just ask that people keep a safe and respectful distance from the USV and the support vessel.” 

A Notice to Mariners about the survey has been issued to Transport Safety Victoria. 

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