Milton and Marinus light a Beacon for students’ future

February 16th, 2024

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Milton and Marinus light a Beacon for students’ future

In launching a new partnership with the Beacon Foundation, Marinus Link has enlisted its official ambassador, Milton Doyle, to inspire the careers of Tasmania’s youth.

For the first in a series of work-ready programs led by the Beacon Foundation, Jack Jumpers NBL star Milton Doyle spent an afternoon mentoring Montrose Bay High students alongside Marinus Link staff.

Marinus Link CEO Caroline Wykamp said launching the Beacon partnership with Milton Doyle was part of a continued effort to inspire renewable energy career pathways in young people.

“We want young Tasmanians to feel as excited about careers in renewable energy as they are about the JackJumpers,” she said.

“The delivery of Marinus Link translates to around 3,300 jobs and $3.3 billion in economic stimulus.

“Students finishing school and planning their career pathways now are perfectly placed to take up these opportunities with emerging green industries.”

The JackJumpers most valuable player in 2023, Milton Doyle, is the Marinus Link ambassador for the remainder of the 23/24 NBL season as part of a separate partnership with the JackJumpers.

“Participating in the program was a special opportunity to inspire the next generation with the confidence to pursue their natural talents,” said Milton Doyle.

The Beacon Foundation is a not-for-profit organisation that inspires and motivates youth into the world of work through programs and services across Australia. Beacon’s programs bring businesses and communities together to create real-world education experiences and learnings for students.

Marinus Link’s partnership with Beacon will focus on delivering a suite of ‘High Impact” short courses providing invaluable opportunities to youth in Tasmania, mostly on the northwest coast.

Beacon Foundation CEO Scott Harris said the High Impact Programs (HIP) build career confidence in vulnerable young people.

“HIP’s bridge the gap for students in circumstances where the education system is unable to provide these opportunities,” he said.

“Connecting students directly with industry mentors demystifies the world of work and the broad range of opportunities available to them.”

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