The Marinus Link project (subject to approvals) is proposed to be implemented as two stages, with each stage consisting of one 750 MW HVDC circuit link between Tasmania and Victoria. Permission to develop in stages would be reflected in the planning permission and other approvals as relevant.

  • Stage 1 will include earthworks and site preparation of the converter station site to address requirements for both converter stations, access tracks and construction laydown areas, and all HDD drilling for the shore crossings, road and river crossings for both Stages, and trenching works to install conduits and joint pits within the linear easements that will accommodate cables for both Stages. Stage 1 also includes laying the cables for the Stage 1 cable circuit (including across Bass Strait), and construction of the Stage 1 converter station at each of Hazelwood and Heybridge (and transition station, if required). Rehabilitation works would be implemented following Stage 1 works; and.
  • Stage 2 will include installing the cables for the Stage 2 cable circuit (including across Bass Strait) and construction of the Stage 2 converter stations at each of Hazelwood and Heybridge. Final reinstatement would occur following completion of Stage 2 activities.

The Marinus Link Environment Effects Statement under the Environment Effects Act 1978 (Vic) and the draft Environmental Impact Statement under the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999 (Cth) (the EIS/EES) has been prepared assuming that the construction period to deliver both stages will be from 2025-2030.

MLPL is seeking approvals for both Stages, but timing for delivery of Stage 2 will be subject to market demand.

MLPL considers a likely scenario is that Stage 1 (including all the above Stage 1 works) would be completed, and the Stage 1 circuit commissioned by 2030 as anticipated, followed by a potential gap in construction so that the Stage 2 circuit is laid and commissioned by 2033.

  • Stage 1 works would take place in the period 2025 – 2030. Consistent with the assumptions made in the EIS/EES, when land cabling construction and installation works are taking place in Victoria, each property affected by the transmission easement would host main construction works for a period of time within that overall 5 year construction period;
  • Stage 1 works on each property would include temporary reinstatement works and temporary infrastructure necessary to comply with Property Management Plans and facilitate efficient use of the land in the interim period prior to Stage 2 works. Access tracks would remain in place through the interim period; and
  • The Stage 2 construction period would take place between 2031 – 2033 with commissioning in 2033. Stage 2 would include any necessary removal of temporary works, as well as the final reinstatement and rehabilitation of infrastructure and rehabilitation of access tracks and construction laydown areas as required.

MLPL presents the above by way of information update. Further detail will be made available on the Marinus link website through the course of public consultation and decision making on approvals for the Marinus Link project.